Austrian Government Hires Vaccination “Hunters” to Track Down those Inhabitants Who Have Not Had Their Fauci Vaccine


In Austria, the unvaccinated are fined by the government up to 3600 euros for not taking the experimental COVID vaccine.

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And now starting in February the government will be sending out vaccination “hunters” to track down the unvaxxed.

Blick reported:

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Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated in Austria from February 2022 must expect a fine. Employees should ensure that the fines are paid. That is why we are now looking for inspectors.

From February Austria wants to get serious: Anyone over 14 years old has to be vaccinated against Corona. The Austrian government announced this last week.

This can create new jobs, as the example of Linz shows. The city has a good 200,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the federal state of Upper Austria and has the lowest vaccination rate in the entire state. According to data from the e-vaccination card, only 63 percent of residents have been vaccinated twice.

Linz now wants to engage people who are supposed to control vaccination refusals, as reported ” today “. They should check whether those who do not get vaccinated are really paying for it. Because whoever does not get vaccinated will be asked to pay. Up to 3600 euros, the equivalent of a good 3740 francs.

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