Baby Overdoses on Fentanyl in Florida, Mother Arrested

Baby Overdoses on Fentanyl in Florida, Mother Arrested

A woman in Fort Myers, Florida, was arrested after her baby allegedly overdosed on fentanyl and later regained a pulse with CPR, police said.

Fort Myers Police Officers responded on Sunday at 1:34 a.m. to a call about a baby who was not breathing, WINK News reported. Officers met with the caller, the baby’s 38-year-old mother Mary Sinopoli, on the side of the road near Lee Tran Boulevard and Metro Parkway.

“Sinopoli said she was driving the baby to the hospital when she met officers and told them the baby was playing with a puppy toy when he fell asleep. Then he stopped breathing,” according to the report. “They observed the lifeless baby with no pulse and began CPR. Body camera footage showed the Sinopoli in tears as they attempted to revive the baby.”

The baby regained a pulse as EMS arrived on scene, according to the report. First responders then administered Narcan because the baby was showing signs of an overdose, officers said.

“Once at the hospital, the baby was stabilized and an investigation began,” according to the report.

Detectives subsequently executed a search warrant of the residence where the baby became unresponsive. Detectives found evidence of fentanyl in the home, and testing revealed fentanyl in the baby’s blood stream.

Sinopoli was arrested and is facing an aggravated child abuse charge.

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