Biden Delivers Global Warming Word Salad in Remarks on Deadly Kentucky Twisters (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Saturday delivered remarks on the deadly tornadoes that ripped through Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Illinois.

Kentucky got hit the hardest after a monstrous tornado traveled more than 200 miles and ripped through 5 states.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said as many as 70 people may have died.

Biden took questions after his remarks and that’s when he veered off-script and mumbled a word salad about global warming.

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Then Joe Biden spoke about the impact the twisters had on families who were in the path of destruction.

“Everything is gone from that baptismal photograph, to the wedding picture, to the picture of your oldest daughter in a ballet… I mean it’s it’s it’s profound!” Biden said lighting up when he spoke about a little girl in a ballet outfit.



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