Biden Gang Leader Ron Klain Less Than a Year Ago Claimed Biden Would Solve COVID – Yesterday Biden Gave Up


Biden’s gang leader Ron Klain is under the gun after claiming Joe Biden would tackle COVID before the 2020 Election and Biden now giving up on the task.

Twitchy reported yesterday:

Monday, on a call with state governors, President Biden signaled a big pivot from previous talking points by letting everybody know “there is no federal solution” to the Covid problem. That was a really strange thing for the person who promised to “shut down the virus” to say — unless you realized the claim was BS from the beginning. Related to that, here’s a doozy from current Biden chief of staff Ron Klain last June during the campaign last year:

We reported yesterday that Biden is giving up on a federal plan to combat COVID.

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UPDATE: Joe Biden Leaves to Delaware Beach House After Telling Governors “There Is No Federal Solution” to COVID

But Biden’s gang leader Ron Klain tweeted a year ago that Biden would provide the solution to COVID.  The comments to that post yesterday were merciless.

Hey Ron – Any update on this stance champ?

— Jake Stull (@PoliticsInChief) December 28, 2021

Klain never expected they would fail so fast.

Have you talked to Joe Biden recently?

— Young Conservatives of Texas (@yct) December 28, 2021

Less than a year and they gave up.

This big plan didn’t even last a year before the Big Guy gave up.

— Aldous Huxley’s Ghost™ (@AF632) December 28, 2021

This will go down as one more of the many massive failures from the Biden regime.

What do you think?

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