Bill Melugin-Almost 7,000 Illegal Alien Encounters in One Day-Tucson Sector Highest with 2,500

Bill Melugin-Almost 7,000 Illegal Alien Encounters in One Day-Tucson Sector Highest with 2,500

Once again, Joe Biden’s America.

It seems like every day the story almost sounds the same. Thousands illegally cross the border, and the mainstream media hardly cares. The reality is that this is an everyday occurrence.

On Saturday, there was a total of almost 7,000 encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border. Of that number, over 2,500 of those were in the Tucson sector in Arizona.

A significant portion of the “gotaways” in this sector are on Indian reservation land. This area has no wall and zero media access.

TGP reported on Saturday that there were almost 6,700 illegal alien encounters in one day this past week. Over a thousand of those were in the San Diego sector.

The top four countries that these illegals are from are Colombia, China, Brazil, and Mexico.

Since Texas Governor Greg Abbott locked down the border in Eagle Pass, illegal aliens and smugglers have just shifted their locations. Arizona and California are wide open for illegals to cross into the US. TGP had reported earlier this month.

The Tucson sector has been a hotspot for illegals since Biden was installed in January of 2021. TGP had reported back in December that there were about 18,900 apprehensions of illegals in the Tucson sector in just one week’s time.

The week before, approximately 17,500 illegals crossed the border in the same sector. In one week, there was an increase of about 1,400 illegals that were captured.

It is evident that the invasion is intentional as the Biden regime willfully allows the border to stay open. They had three years to close the border and chose not to.

Even worse, the left tries to blame Republicans. In January, TGP reported that California Governor Gavin Newsom claimed that Joe Biden has a border plan and claims Republicans were preventing it.


An estimated 11 million illegals have invaded the US since January 2021 with no end in sight.

The reality is that this will continue unless President Trump recaptures the Presidency.

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