Bill Melugin: Illegals from 73 Different Countries Invade San Diego in One Week Span

Bill Melugin: Illegals from 73 Different Countries Invade San Diego in One Week Span

On Monday, two SUVs drove up to a gap in the border wall near Jacumba, California, and dropped off a large group of illegal immigrants from China, Turkey, and India.

Joe Biden’s America.

In just one week, over 8,650 illegal aliens from 73 different countries were caught in the San Diego sector of the southern border between January 31st and February 6th.

According to the CBP, the fastest-growing groups of illegals are Chinese.

Fox News reported:

Thousands of migrants have flooded through California’s southern border from 73 different countries over just one week, border patrol confirmed.

According to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection – San Diego Border Patrol Sector, agents apprehended 8,659 illegal immigrants from 73 different countries over a one-week span between Jan. 31 and Feb. 6.

Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group trying to come to the United States, according to CBP.

NEW: Border Patrol’s San Diego sector reports agents apprehended 8,659 illegal immigrants from 73 different countries over a one week span between 1/31-2/6.

San Diego sector has been getting hammered w/ Chinese nationals in recent weeks, fastest growing demo arriving at border.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 7, 2024

Most of the illegals are pouring into Jacumba, which is in east San Diego County.

Jacumba, which is about 75 miles east of San Diego, has been a hangout for thousands of illegals after crossing the border. The high desert has been a drop-off location for smugglers for illegals to live in makeshift camps.

The group Border Kindness, which is a non-governmental organization that helps provide resources for illegals, has provided food and water in areas where terrain is difficult to traverse in the San Diego mountains.

A large group of illegals, mostly from China, crossed through the open gaps on the border wall in Jacumba Hot Springs, California.


BREAKING: Our photographer in Jacumba, CA just witnessed two human smuggling SUVs drop off groups of illegal immigrants who then trot around the border wall and enter the US. People from China, Turkey, & India in this group. This is in eastern San Diego County, and there was only…

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) January 29, 2024

Meanwhile California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is blaming Republicans for the border crisis and claimed Biden has a border plan.

More lies.


On immigration, California Gov. Gavin Newsom says Republicans are trying to “find a crowbar to put in the spokes of the wheels of the Biden administration to disrupt any progress on this, because they don’t want progress.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) January 28, 2024

Over 11 million illegals have invaded the US in the last three years as reported by TGP in October of 2023. The Biden regime has intentionally let these people in. There is no Biden border plan except for invasion.


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