‘Blasphemy’: ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus Super Bowl Ad Ignites Controversy

‘Blasphemy’: ‘He Gets Us’ Jesus Super Bowl Ad Ignites Controversy
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During one of the early commercial breaks during the 2024 Super Bowl, Come Near aired its ad featuring scenes of people of all sorts washing someone’s feet in emulation of Jesus. But many felt the ad completely missed the Biblical point.

The ad was to highlight, a campaign meant to “remind everyone, including ourselves, that Jesus’ teachings are a warm embrace, not a cold shoulder,” the group’s website reads.

The ad shows a total of twelve scenes of one individual washing another’s feet. Most appear to be white people doing the washing. None feature a minority washing a white man’s feet, and some even seem to be telling white Christians not to be bigoted. That last one, in particular, features a white priest washing the feet of what appears to be a member of the LGBTQ community. Another shows an older white woman washing the feet of a scowling young woman outside a Family Planning Clinic as pro-life protesters stand in the background.

Jesus washed the feet of friends and enemies. No ego or hate. He humbly loved his neighbors. How can we do the same?

— HeGetsUs (@HeGetsUs) February 11, 2024

The story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples is found in John 13:1-17 and is usually taken as a lesson of humility delivered by Jesus to his disciples ahead of the Last Super.

However, many on social media felt the ad was “blasphemous” and did not actually represent the lesson Jesus was attempting to impart to his followers at all.


Don’t fall for this satanic symbolism.

— Patrick Webb (@RealPatrickWebb) February 12, 2024

Y’all (shockingly ) forgot to mention that acknowledgement and repentance come before being washed clean.

— Jordan Miller (@jordokmiller) February 12, 2024

Completely ignoring the fact that while one yes, did betray him ultimately, the Only feet he ever washed were those of his Disciples. Not absolute strangers like this pedestrian ad is implying.

— Preston Marlow (@PoppaPillie) February 12, 2024

This is blasphemous and makes the assertion that we should accept sin.

Christ specifically implored sinners to change, not live and boast in their sin.

He wouldn’t condemn sinners, but He would condemn sin.

Hence telling the woman at the well “Go and sin no more”

— Jimmy Dean (@big_wig_69) February 12, 2024

Many others felt that the ad was purposefully engineered to be a scolding attack mostly on white people, that it was racist, and pushing a left-wing narrative.

A horrible woke, commercial. Once again, plenty of images of whites washing black’s feet. But not one single image of a black washing a white man’s hard working feet.

— LoyalCaps ‍♂️ (@dmddusseau) February 12, 2024

Pretty sickening to see Christianity used to promote an obviously leftist political message.

It cheapens and debases the spiritual significance of Jesus Christ.

— Harrison H. Smith ✞ (@HarrisonHSmith) February 12, 2024

@HarrisonHSmith who’s funding this? It appears to say, “Christians must be slaves to the 3rd world”

— Lizard Boy (@DMitch1776) February 12, 2024

Many others wondered why this group spent upwards of $7 million on a television commercial instead of using that princely sum to help people.

How about you use the money you wasted on a Super Bowl commercial to help people instead

— mae ⸆⸉ (@cowboy_like_mae) February 12, 2024

$7 million is a small price to pay to increase Jesus’ brand awareness!!

— פרי (@NextTopMD) February 12, 2024

this money could have gone towards feeding the homeless, medical care, providing housing. and so much more. all of which your “prophet”did. you can do the same by not blowing millions on a commercial & taking ACTUAL action. if you want to evangelize while doing so idc. do better

— fuck the supreme court (@jude_ism) February 12, 2024

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