BLM ‘Temporarily Suspended’ From Amazon Charity List


AmazonSmile has removed Black Lives Matter from its charity list.

The platform’s Smile program donates a percentage of the cost of a user’s purchase to the charity of his or her choice. Popular examples include the ASPCA and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. has faced significant criticism after it was discovered that the organization failed to disclose where donations amounting to tens of millions of dollars went. 

Amazon told the New York Post that it “temporarily suspended” the foundation’s ability to receive charitable donations from AmazonSmile.

“States have rules for nonprofits, and organizations participating in AmazonSmile need to meet those rules,” an Amazon spokesperson said. “Unfortunately this organization fell out of compliance with the rules in several states, so we’ve had to temporarily suspend them from the program until they come into compliance.” 

Amazon said funds for the foundation will remain on hold “until they’re back in compliance.”

Earlier in the month, the organization was labeled “delinquent” by the Attorney General of California after it failed to submit a required annual report.

“The organization BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK FOUNDATION, INC. is delinquent with The Registry of Charitable Trusts for failing to submit required annual report(s),” a letter from the Attorney General stated.

“An organization that is delinquent, suspended or revoked is not in good standing and is prohibited from engaging in conduct for which registration is required, including soliciting or disbursing charitable funds.”

The letter noted that the foundation cannot use charitable funds to pay penalties for its failure to file the report.

“Charitable assets cannot be used to pay these avoidable costs,” the letter noted.

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