Booster Hysteria: Israel Begins Rollout of 4TH Covid Jab Despite Health Officials Admitting They Have NO DATA About It’s Effectiveness Against Mild Omicron


Israel is set to become the first country to administer a fourth dose of the experimental Covid vaccine to individuals in certain at-risk groups, including the elderly (over 60 years old) and healthcare workers.

Despite already being the third most-boosted country in the world, with roughly 58% of the population taking three jabs, fears of the new mild Omicron variant prompted a government panel of hysterical public health officials to recommend another round of the jabs earlier this week.

Those eligible for the fourth dose can receive it as long as four months have passed since taking their third dose.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Neftali Bennett called the announcement “wonderful news,” and fearmongered about the country being on the verge of their “5th wave” of this manufactured pandemic.

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“This is wonderful news that will assist us in getting through the Omicron wave that is engulfing the world.

Wonderful news, do not waste time – go get vaccinated.

The citizens of Israel were the first in the world to receive the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and we are continuing to pioneer with the fourth dose as well.”

In an appearance on Israeli radio, Professor Galia Rahav, who is one of the members of the committee pushing this go around, explained:

We don’t really have data yet on the level of immunity – like we did when we decided on the third dose, but on the other hand, there is really scary data out there in the rest of the world.

In a situation like this, if you don’t act immediately, you miss the train.” 

The “really scary data” that Rahav mentions is in reference to the new Omicron variant that has been widely compared to a “common cold.” The virus is so mild for most that a Covid-19 test is needed to tell the difference and the majority of individuals who catch the virus have been found not to show symptoms.

So far, the Israeli health ministry has confirmed just 341 cases of Omicron.

80% of all confirmed cases in the US have been fully vaccinated – 33% had even taken the booster.

CDC Confirms 80% of COVID-19 Cases Caused by Omicron Variant in the US are Fully Vaccinated Individuals – And 33% Had Booster Shots!

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