BREAKING: 6th Circuit Court Upholds Joe Biden’s OSHA Vaccine Mandate


Challenges to Joe Biden’s OSHA vax mandate was assigned to the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals in a ping-pong lottery after the 5th Circuit put a halt on the mandate.

In September the Biden Regime targeted the private sector and mandated all employees get jabbed or tested weekly for Covid… OR ELSE.

In addition to telling all 2.1 million federal employees to get jabbed or face firing, the Biden regime mandated all companies with 100+ employees to either test workers or prove they are vaccinated.

Small businesses that do not comply with the Biden Regime’s new Covid mandates will face hefty fines.

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In a 2-1 vote, the three-judge panel allowed Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate on private employers over 100 people to take effect.

Majority (voted yes): Judges Julia Gibbons (George W. Bush), Jane Stranch (Barack Obama). Dissent (voted no): Joan Larsen (Donald Trump)

The 6th Circuit Court said OSHA has the authority to protect workers from a virus.

BREAKING: Big win for Obama admin at 6th Circuit, as panel votes, 2-1, to allow OSHA vaccine mandate on private employers over 100 ppl to take effect. Majority: Judges Julia Gibbons (GW Bush), Jane Stranch (Obama). Dissent: Joan Larsen (Trump). Doc:

— Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) December 18, 2021

It looks like the case is heading to the Supreme Court.

5th Circuit put OSHA private employer mandate on ice. 6th Circuit just dissolved the 5th Circuit order. Looks like this is headed straight to #SCOTUS. Guess I know how I’ll be spending Christmas “break” ?

— Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) December 18, 2021

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