BREAKING: RNC Makes Decision on MIGOP Chair — Former Trump Ambassador Pete Hoekstra Is Official Chair

BREAKING: RNC Makes Decision on MIGOP Chair — Former Trump Ambassador Pete Hoekstra Is Official Chair

The Republican National Committee has made a decision on one of the most hotly contested state GOP chair seats in America.

Former Ambassador Pete Hoekstra and Kristina Karamo

Only moments ago, it was announced that former Trump Ambassador to the Netherlands and former US House Intelligence Chair Pete Hoekstra will be officially recognized as the GOP Chair in Michigan.

Kristina Karamo, the popular conservative and activist who was elected by MIGOP delegates during a state MI GOP conference in March 2023, has been replaced after it was determined by the RNC that the proper by-laws were followed to remove her on January 6, in a 40-6 vote by a group of 71 state committee members (including proxies).

In addition to the vote to remove Karamo, the MI GOP General Counsel, Daniel Hartman, was also removed, as well as MIGOP Executive Director James Michael Copas and fundraiser and unofficial mouthpiece for the former MIGOP, Robert Morris Owens.

After a month-long battle in the state of Michigan for control of the flailing MIGOP, Pete Hoekstra was endorsed for MIGOP Chair by President Trump.

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra with President Trump

The decision was made following a conference call on Feb. 12, where lawyers representing Pete Hoekstra and Kristina Karamo plead their cases.

President Trump is currently ahead in the polls in Michigan, a state he won in 2016 when he became the first Republican presidential candidate to win the state since Reagan.

The most recent WDIV – Detroit News poll that surveyed 600 likely general election voters in Michigan showed President Trump with 47 % of the vote and Joe Biden at 39%.

Unfortunately, MIGOP Chair Kristina Karamo has been unable to raise the necessary funds to win the races that she promised while campaigning for the position. The lack of fundraising has left Michigan, which has a very good chance to win the state again for Trump and to win back majorities in the state and senate, with no money.

While Karamo’s strength doesn’t appear to be fundraising, she is a champion when it comes to fighting to stop voter fraud in a state where its top election official, MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, is using every trick in the book to keep unqualified voters on the rolls.

Kristina Karamo has arguably the best volunteers in the country working with her to fix Michigan’s broken elections. The meticulous work by MIGOP Director of Elections Phil O’Halloran, Braden Giacobazzi, Tim Vetter, and others working with team Karamo has been invaluable. Phil O’Halloran helped the Gateway Pundit to break the story on the statewide investigation into mass voter registration fraud that began in Muskegon, MI, where over 10,000 voter registrations were turned in by one individual only one month before the 2020 election. The investigation was hidden from the public and from clerks across the state by MI SOS Jocelyn Benson and MI AG Dana Nessel.

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It is believed that Pete Hoekstra has the ability to successfully fundraise for the upcoming 2024 election, which is only 9 months away. He has a proven track record of supporting grassroots in Michigan and has been an outspoken opponent of the lawfare that is being used against the 16 Michigan electors. He has also been outspoken in his public fight to stop Gotion, the Chinese-owned battery plant, from being built in Big Rapids, MI.

Kristina Karamo, who is expected to continue to fight the decision by the RNC, has already emailed the RNC, challenging the authority of the RNC to decide the matter.


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