Busted: CNN Reports First Omicron Death in Texas — BUT HOSPITAL SAYS IT’S NOT TRUE (VIDEO)


Earlier this week CNN reported that an unvaccinated Texas Man became the first casualty of the Omicron Coronavirus variant in the United States.

Dan Cohen from Mint Press News called the Harris County Texas Public Health Department and found out that this was not true.

It looks like it was more fake news from CNN.

Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: We can’t confirm that the person died from COVID but we can say that he was Omicron positive at the time of his death.

Dan Cohen: So he died with COVID but you can’t say he died from COVID.

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Martha Marquez, Harris County Public Health: Correct. This information comes from our epidemiologists who are the ones who give the reports.

But that doesn’t support the narrative so the mainstream media just stretched the truth once again.

Public officials and media reported that a man in Texas became the first American to die from the Omicron variant. I checked with the Harris County Public Health Department. Turns out that’s not true.

Here’s audio of my phone call.

— Dan Cohen (@dancohen3000) December 22, 2021

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