Canadian Conservatives Slam Trudeau for Opposing Alberta’s Ban on Children’s Sex-Change Surgeries and Puberty Blockers, for Inviting Nazi to Parliament and Lying About It (VIDEOS)

Canadian Conservatives Slam Trudeau for Opposing Alberta’s Ban on Children’s Sex-Change Surgeries and Puberty Blockers, for Inviting Nazi to Parliament and Lying About It (VIDEOS)

To say that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under fire equals to say that today is a day that ends in ‘y’.

Political survivor Trudeau goes from crisis to crisis always managing to remain in power, but lately he is getting weaker by the day.

This week, Trudeau is being slammed for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, yesterday (6) Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre defended Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and her approach to transgender issues, accusing the Liberal government and the media of ‘demonizing’ her for common sense policies that will give parents more say over their kids.

Poilievre said the Liberal government is ‘spreading disinformation’ about Alberta’s proposed policies.

CBC reported:

“‘If you keep it vague and you actually refrain from describing the policies Premier Smith is putting in place, you think you can misrepresent them and misrepresent conservatives’, he said.

‘This is exactly what Justin Trudeau has done. You notice Trudeau has not given a single example of any of the policies that Premier Smith has brought forward that he individually disagrees with because he doesn’t want to be specific about it. He and you want to peddle disinformation in order to demonize Premier Smith and parents’, Poilievre added, addressing his comments to the reporter who asked the question.

Poilievre said Trudeau and his ministers need to ‘butt out’. ‘He should let parents raise kids and let provinces run schools and hospitals’, he said.”

The federal government and the media shy away from talking about Smith’s other policies.

“Trudeau last week condemned what he called Smith’s ‘anti-LGBT policies’ and said such actions will worsen mental health issues and suicidal ideation among young people struggling with gender dysphoria.”

Smith’s policies will ban ‘gender’ surgeries for minors aged 17 and under, as well as restrict puberty blockers and hormone therapy for children 15 and under.

Biological males will also stay out of women’s sports, a policy Smith says is motivated by safety and fairness.

“Campaign Life Coalition, a social conservative group, has praised Smith’s actions as ‘a political miracle’ that will ‘go a long way in protecting children’.”

That’s not all: Poilievre slams Trudeau for lying when he said that Nazi speaking at Canadian Parliament House during Zelensky’s visit was ‘Speaker’s fault’.

Also, Trudeau said Poilievre wants to ‘make Canada again’ and declared that citizens do not want that.

The PM got roasted in social media, and ‘Make Canada Great Again’ was trending on X. Take a look at this parody account:

My National Security Advisor has just informed me that #MakeCanadaGreatAgain is trending on X.

Hate like this does not belong in Canada.

That’s why I’m using Bill C-1984 to outlaw all greatness, happiness, opportunity, smiling, and joy.

— Justin Trudeau’s Ego (@Trudeaus_Ego) February 7, 2024

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