Canadian Officials Make Mass Arrests – Arrest Live-Stream Reporter During Broadcast — Beat Protester on the Ground with a Stick – As Justin Trudeau Tweets About Olympic Skater


The Ottawa Police today beat the hell out of Freedom Protesters.

Trudeau and his government NEVER ONCE went out to speak with the truckers and working-class Canadians. instead they threatened them, beat them, froze their bank accounts and stole their dogs.

Trudeau Regime Will Start Confiscating Pets Belonging to Freedom Convoy Protesters

The Ottawa police arrested a livestreamer covering their violence.

They can’t have the truth get out to the masses.

TRENDING: CRACKDOWN RAMPS UP: Ottawa Police Clash with Truckers As They Make Mass Arrests – Begin Smashing Windows to Forcefully Remove Protesters from Vehicles – (VIDEO)

Live streamer arrested.

— rr (@remingtonreid) February 18, 2022

The Ottawa police beat protesters to the ground and kneeled on them.

Live streamer arrested.

— rr (@remingtonreid) February 18, 2022

The Trudeau regime is pulling a favorite Democrat Party trick. As they beat and arrest protesters they accuse them of assaulting officers and trying to get their guns.

Protesters are assaulting officers, have attempted to remove officer’s weapons. All means of de-escalation have been used to move forward in our goal of returning Ottawa to it’s normalcy. #ottawa #ottnews

— Ottawa Police (@OttawaPolice) February 18, 2022


What you are seeing are Public Order Units in a line formation. Protestors are continuously being told to leave, or they face arrest.

You will see the line slowly moving forward to give people who want to leave the opportunity to do so.

#ottawa #ottnews

— Ottawa Police (@OttawaPolice) February 18, 2022

They beat the hell out of this protester with a stick.

Ottawa police arrest and then brutally beat a citizen. #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 #TruckersConvoy #TruckerforFreedom #TruckersNotTrudeau

— Sam | ?? | ? | ? | (@Rudio1John) February 18, 2022

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is tweeting about the Olympics.

So there is a massive beat down of protestors in Ottawa by officers using excessive force banning selective media outlets . Hood of parliament emergency act meeting cancelled . And someone has no comment but besides the Olympics ??#FreedomConvoy #dictatorship #Olympics2022 ??? F

— ??James (@JamesVancouver4) February 18, 2022

There it is: @BradGushue and @MarkNichols_NL are back on the Olympic podium after 16 years! Congratulations to you two – and to @BPGallant, @GWalker71, and @LeftyKenBear – on winning bronze! We knew you had it in you. #TeamCanada

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) February 18, 2022

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