Can’t Make This Up… Fake News Newsweek Mocks Trump for Having 200 Tickets Left Unsold in Arena That Holds 21,000 — But Say NOTHING About Joe Biden’s 20 Circle Crowds


19,000 see President Trump in Houston on December 18, 2021 — 20 see Joe Biden in Georgia in 2020

You really cannot trust a single thing the fake news mainstream media is reporting anymore.

On Saturday night President Trump held an event with Bill O’Reilly in Houston, Texas at the Tokyo Center.

The arena was packed to capacity.

But you wouldn’t know this if you read fake news Newsweek.

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The far-left publication actually mocked President Trump for the 200 tickets that were not sold before the event started this afternoon.

Via Newsweek.

The former president and ex-Fox News presenter are set to appear at the Toyota Center in Houston on Saturday, December 18, followed by the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Sunday as part of their joint speaking tour.

Ahead of this weekend’s events, Ticketmaster shows that there still are more than 200 tickets left for the event at the American Airlines Center, with slightly fewer tickets still available at the venue in Houston.

President Trump will make a stop in Dallas tomorrow at the American Airlines Center.

There are around 200 tickets remaining as of Saturday night via Ticketmaster.

The arena holds 21,000 for concerts!

Illegitimate president Joe Biden couldn’t get 50 people to see him during his 2020 campaign when his handlers actually took him out on the road.

The media NEVER SAID A WORD about his paltry support.

Yet today they mock President Trump for only 21,000 supporters who paid to come see him in Dallas.

You really cannot trust this mainstream media today.

They would make Pravda blush.

What do you think?

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