China Again Threatens the US with “Unbearable Cost” Over Taiwan


China is raising the pressure and again threatening the US not to interfere with their actions related to Taiwan. 

American Military News reports:

In a Thursday interview with China’s state-run CCTV and the official press agency Xinhua, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the U.S. would face “an unbearable cost” for allegedly condoning and abetting “Taiwan independence” forces.

Wang said the U.S. has “gone back on its commitment made when it established diplomatic relations with China, condoned and abetted ‘Taiwan independence’ forces, and tried to distort and hollow out the one-China principle.”

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“This will put Taiwan into an extremely precarious situation and bring an unbearable cost to the U.S. itself,” Wang said.

Wang did not specify what costs China would attempt to impose against the U.S.

According to Xinhua, Wang said “the reunification of China is an unstoppable trend” and Taiwan has no choice but to accept those reunification efforts.

With Biden in charge, China is not afraid of the US at all.

With Biden in Charge, China Says It Doesn’t Fear a Confrontation with the US

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