CNN POLL: 51 Percent of Democrats Do NOT Want Joe Biden as the 2024 Nominee


A new CNN poll reveals 51% of Democrats don’t want 81 million vote recipient Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee.

The fake news media still hasn’t explained how the most popular president in US history lost his popularity in one year.

The reality is Joe Biden was in fifth place during the Democrat primaries in 2020.

Democrat voters weren’t excited about a geriatric Dementia patient.

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But the DNC rigged the primaries (again) and installed Joe Biden with ballot harvesting and Zuckerberg ballot boxes.

The Biden presidency is going just about as bad as we expected: Record inflation, soaring gas prices, record unemployment, Russia, Iran and North Korea saber-rattling, supply chain crisis, Covid tyranny and more.

51 percent of Democrats do not want Joe Biden as the 2024 nominee, according to a CNN poll released on Sunday.


A CNN poll released Thursday continues a brutal string of polling for Joe Biden with this poll giving Biden a new low of 41 percent approval and a new high of 58 percent disapproval.

57 percent rate Biden’s first year in office a failure.

Strikingly, among those who disapprove of Biden’s performance, 56 percent say Biden has done nothing they approve of.

But he totally got 81 million votes.

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