Congress Expected to Bring Back Biden’s “Build Back Broke” Bill with Trillions for Socialist Causes After the New Year


The Democrats don’t care about the welfare of Americans.  If they did they would never have conceived the ‘Build Back Better’ bill they are proposing.

The Build Back Better bill will destroy the US (and world) economy almost immediately with massive spending which will be paid for by printing trillions more dollars.  The US dollar already is weak.  With this bill in place, the dollar will be worthless and inflation will skyrocket even more.

Senile old Joe Biden moved past discussing anything beneficial for the average American in the bill and instead lied and claimed it won’t cost Americans a penny.

“It’s Not Gonna Cost a Single, Solitary Penny” – Biden Lies to Ohioans About Magic Numbers Behind His Build Back Broke Bill (VIDEO)

The Wall Street Journal labeled Pelosi’s price tag on the bill the lie of the year.

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Wall Street Journal Labels Pelosi’s Price Tag on Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ the “Lie of the Year” – It’s a Financial Disaster

Yesterday Open the Books shared their thoughts on the horrible anti-American legislation in the Wall Street Journal.

In January, Democrats plan to bring back the so-called Build Back Better Bill. If your Congressman, your Senator vote for it, that vote says everything you need to know about who she/he represents. And it is not you.

Here is what your Congressmen and Senators say the bill costs: $1,750,000,000,000.

However, the permanent cost—as estimated by the Congressional Budget Office—to fund this pork-filled so-called Build Back Better Bill is up to $4,730,000,000,000.

So much for the president’s claim that this bill is “free” or “costs nothing.” Do the politicians really think we are that stupid?

Try to even imagine what $1 trillion—$1,000,000,000,000—is. We all know what a day is, what a year is. Instead of dollars, let’s think in terms of trillions of days. How many years are one trillion days?

2.7 billion years. 2,700,000,000. That is a lot of lifetimes!

And there’s more:

This bill gives tax breaks to reporters, the media, unions, and trial attorneys. The bill-voting Congressman and Senators, obviously, believe it is more important to give tax breaks to reporters, the media, unions, trial attorneys than to plumbers, truck drivers, etc.—than to you, than to cut your tax dollars. This is a clear statement of who they really represent. And Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer Voter—it is not you.

If your Congressman, if your Senator vote for this bill, they have voted to give rich taxpayers in states like California, Illinois, and New York a big tax break. Again, not you.

If your Congressman, if your Senator vote for this bill, they are targeting small businesses. The bill increasing the occupational safety penalties (this is hard to believe) 10 times to $700,000 per violation. $700,000? It would break many businesses. If you, Mr. and Ms. Small Business Owner, do not follow the vaccine regulations you’re bankrupt.

The individuals running this country don’t care for Americans.  Their actions and ideas show it.

What do you think?

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