Democrats Now Demanding Proof of ID to Walk the Streets of Nation’s Capitol — But NOT to Vote


The Democrats are going to ram through their “Right to Cheat” voting bill today.

The new law will legalize midnight drop boxes, criminal ballot harvesting and No Voter ID laws.

It will be the end of the great American experiment.

After they allegedly “won” the most votes ever with their uninspiring basement candidate Joe Biden they somehow feel the need to legalize cheating in elections.

Seems a bit odd.

So after today, Democrats will demand ID cards and vaccine passports to walk the streets of Washington DC. But Voter ID will be done away with.

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Their vaccine mandate will begin Saturday.

They even brought out community organizer Barack Obama today.

Via The Storm Has Arrived:

Obama wrote an Op-ed in USA Today pushing the radical “voting rights” legislation, i.e. the right to cheat.

You know they are failing big when they bring Obama out of the shadows to promote their issues (right to cheat, J6 and removing the filibuster).

Why do they need voting reform when their guy just received 81 million votes and won, right?

What does J6 have to do with We the People’s right to vote?

If J6 was a real insurrection, wouldn’t they be pushing for legislation to secure the Capitol?

Their narrative doesn’t even make sense and it’s falling apart quickly.

God help us.

What do you think?

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