Demon Spawn: Jan. 6 Protests an Attack on Democracy – Therefore We Need Ballot Harvesting, Midnight Drop Boxes, No Election Observers and No Voter ID Laws


If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

Demon spawn Alexander Soros used the anniversary of the January 6 protests to push the Democrats’ election stealing legislation.

The Democrats want mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, midnight dropboxes, no election observers and no voter ID laws.

They want to legislate stealing.

Son of Soros wants this legislation rammed through immediately.

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One year later, no legislation has been passed on reforming our democracy to make sure this can’t happen again. Congress must pass the #FreedomtoVoteAct and the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAdvancementAct and do so now! Our democracy is at stake! (3/3)

— Alexander Soros, PhD (@AlexanderSoros) January 6, 2022

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