DOJ’s Two-Tiered Justice System at Work: Violent Trans Antifa Activist Has Federal Charges Dropped for Assaulting Portland Police and Trying to Blind Them


There are currently 40 men and a woman locked up indefinitely for actions they took on Jan. 6 at the nation’s Capitol. Several of these men did not assault a single person let alone a police officer. They have no idea when their court case will be heard in front of a biased judge. They families are bankrupt and they have been physically and mentally abused for months inside the DC Gulag.

But if they would just switch parties and pledge their allegiance to Mao or Castro, their plight would likely be much different.

Meanwhile, a violent trans-Antifa activist had federal charges dropped this week after serving just 20 hours of community service.

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It’s the two-tiered justice system at work.

Via Andy Ngo.

Male to female trans #Antifa rioter Joshua “Eva” Warner, who was federally charged over assaulting officers in August 2020, had her case dismissed after completing just 30 hours of community service. Warner was arrested & quickly released at multiple Portland antifa riots.

— Andy Ngô ?️‍? (@MrAndyNgo) December 26, 2021

She was trying to blind the police with a laser.

But it’s OK. She did 30 hours of community service.

A #Antifa rioter Eva Warner, who was charged over assaulting police officers in August 2020, had her case dismissed after just 30 hours of community service.

Dismiss the charges of a #proudboy

10 cities will be on fire

— חסידישע מידיא (@realhasidic) December 26, 2021

The Daily Mail reported:

The federal case against an Antifa rioter from Portland for assaulting the police was dropped after she completed just 30 hours of community service.

Eva Warner, who is transgender and was born Joshua, was charged with felony civil disorder in September 2020 after she was arrested three times during Antifa riots in August 2020.

Warner, 26, would have faced a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison if convicted.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon Scott Erik Asphaug filed a motion on December 21, asking the court to ‘dismiss with prejudice the indictment against (Warner), in the best interests of justice.’

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