Donald Trump, Jr, to Headline Houston American Freedom Tour Rally Urging Americans to Stand Tall and Fight Tyranny — As Biden Approval Rating Plummets to an All-Time Low


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Trump Jr expected to lead rally attendees to join together in a “rebirth of freedom” as Biden policies lead to record-setting inflation, economic decline, and failed COVID policies

With Joe Biden’s approval ratings plummeting to an all-time low, Donald Trump, Jr., is now heading to Houston, Texas, to headline an all-star American Freedom Tour major event to rally conservatives to fight tyranny and “Win Back America.”

The event, scheduled for Houston’s Brown Convention Center on January 29, will also feature such other top conservative leaders as former White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and American Freedom Tour president, best-selling author Chris Widener. And their message to the thousands in attendance will be loud and clear: It’s time to end the Biden nightmare and restore the American Dream.

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For Biden, the timing could not be worse. Earlier this week, a new Quinnipiac University poll revealed that the Biden’s approval rating had dropped to an abysmal 33%, the lowest mark of any major public survey during his presidency. The Biden approval rating places him only five percent above Jimmy Carter at the lowest point of the latter’s troubled presidency.

A full 95% of Republicans now say they disapprove of Biden’s performance, with only a paltry 2% expressing support. Making matters even worse for the troubled president, among independents, a full 57% now say they disapprove of his job performance, while just 25% in that crucial voting bloc said they approve.

Trump, Jr., who has spared no words in rallying the American people against Biden policies at home and abroad in recent American Freedom Tour rallies, has promised that in his Houston speech he will clearly outline “the direction in which we need to take our country and everything we need to do.”


Those familiar with the outspoken Trump, Jr, expect that his Houston speech will fire up the crowd to fight back hard against Biden policies that he strongly opposed throughout the 2020 presidential race. “Biden has promised to take that money back out of your pocket and keep it in the Swamp,” Trump repeatedly warned during the campaign, adding, “That makes sense, considering Joe Biden is basically the Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp. For the past half-century, he’s been lurking around in there.”

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Trump’s message is likely to garner an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from the expected overflow crowd at the Houston rally, coming as it does on the heels of the most dismal inflation figures in the past 40 years. Figures released in early January showed that inflation had increased a stunning 7% in the final month of 2021.

Making matters worse for the beleaguered Biden, COVID-19 cases, which were on the decline last summer, have now spiked to an all-time high. All of which could give Trump ample reason to remind rally attendees of Biden’s oft-repeated 2020 campaign promise, “We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you that.”

The Houston American Freedom Tour rally will be quickly followed up by a second “Win Back America” rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on February 19. That rally will also feature Donald Trump Jr, Kayleigh McEnany, and Judge Jeanine Pirro, along with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (for tickets to the Fort Lauderdale event, click here).

“The latest approval polls show that every American now knows that Joe Biden is a failed president,” said American Freedom Tour president Chris Widener. “And I expect that Donald Jr and the other top conservative speakers at upcoming rallies in both Houston and Ft. Lauderdale will do what they have already done in other cities across the country. They will lead the vital fight against tyranny, they will stand strong for freedom – and they will help us all band together to take back the country we love.”

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