Double Vaccinated 23-Year-Old Powerlifter Champion with No Underlying Health Condition Dies from COVID-19 in Australia


A double vaccinated 23-year-old scientist, powerlifter champion, and healthy athlete died in a Sydney hospital after testing positive for Covid-19, according to a report.

The man identified as James Kondilios is a resident of Canberra who had no known underlying health problems before passing away on January 4th at St. Vincent’s Hospital after complications from the virus.

His family and friends were mourning and have paid tribute after his identity was revealed by NSW Health authorities.

One of his friends posted an emotional message on Facebook as tribute:

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(Update – the tribute was later removed)

His recent death opens the question, if he was protected against COVID-19 because he was double vaccinated and had no underlying health condition, then what happened? This blows up the whole narrative that the vaccine will protect you from the virus.

Dr. Fauci, corporate media, and the Public Health Regime have been lying about Covid since the beginning.

They said the vaccine would stop transmission.

They said the vaccinated could quit wearing a mask.

They said the vaccinated would not get sick.

They said the vaccinated were not going to die.

Anyone who still trusts the experts deserves what comes their way. The rest of us, those who’ve been trying to inject sanity, logic, and actual statistics into this conversation since the beginning, well, we’re owed compensation for our loss of liberty, time, and treasure.

The legitimacy of the medical profession, public health industry, academia, and the government have been obliterated by Covid. Watch their lies on this video compilation by KanekoaTheGreat.

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