Dr. Fauci ‘Clarifies’ Statement on Vaccine Mandates For Domestic Flights After Major Public Backlash (VIDEO)


Dr. Fauci said a vaccine mandate should “seriously” be considered for domestic flights during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday morning.

This was after he admitted that imposing a vax mandate for domestic air travel would be a great way to coerce people into getting vaccinated.

Mandates have nothing to do with ‘following the science’ and Fauci admitted that on Sunday morning.

“A vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated,” Fauci said to ABC’s Jon Karl on Sunday.

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Fauci clarified his comments on vaccine mandates for domestic air travel after major public backlash.

“No, what I said, Jim, was that everything that comes up as a possibility we put it on the table and we consider it,” Fauci told CNN’s resident clown Jim Acosta. “That does not mean that it is likely to happen. Right now I don’t think people should expect that we are going to have a requirement in domestic flights for people to be vaccinated.”

“It’s on the table, and we consider it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I doubt if we are going to see something like that in the reasonably foreseeable future” Fauci said Monday evening on CNN.


“The reason is that with the sheer volume of new cases that we are having and that we expect to continue with Omicron, one of the things we want to be careful of is that we don’t have so many people out,” Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why CDC changed Covid isolation guidelines.

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) December 27, 2021

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