Dr. Gottlieb Now Admits Cloth Masks Don’t Provide Protection Against Covid-19 (VIDEO)


Now it’s okay to say this?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb – former FDA Commissioner-turned-member-of-board-of-directors of Pfizer on Sunday said what we’ve known all along: Cloth masks do not protect against Covid.

“Cloth masks aren’t going to provide a lot of protection. That’s the bottom line. This is an airborne illness, we now understand that” Gottlieb said to Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan.

How many immunocompromised people died because they were lied to about the efficacy of cloth masks?

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How many people were banned from social media for saying cloth masks don’t provide protection against Covid?


At this stage of the pandemic, cloth masks don’t provide much protection against COVID-19, according to @ScottGottliebMD.

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) January 2, 2022

Scott Gottlieb also said that parents should decide if their children receive a COVID-19 booster.

“I certainly don’t think schools should be mandating boosters. I think this should be left up to the discretion of parents and their physicians. You know, it’s going to depend on the individual circumstance,” Gottlieb said during his interview on Face the Nation.

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