Editor’s Pick: Daily Wire Torches MSNBC Producer for Pro-China Tweet


Our friends at the Daily Wire posted early Monday a barnburner of a recap showing the backlash against MSNBC’s Last Word producer and liberal Twitter fiend Kyle Griffin after he tweeted that the genocide and other human rights atrocities taking place in China were only “alleged” cases.

Griffin tweeted:

As the Daily Wire noted, “the U.S. government” has “declar[ed] that China’s actions in Xinjiang amounted to a genocide.”

“Griffin’s remarks sparked widespread backlash on Twitter with the word ‘alleged’ becoming one of Twitter’s top-10 trending news items late on Sunday evening,” they added.

Australian commentator Gray Connolly was included in the round-up for having quipped: “Yes, ‘China’s alleged human rights abuses’ … wait until Kyle finds out what China allegedly does with the alphabet people.”

On that point, it’s worth adding Griffin himself is gay and was profiled in June 2019 by the LGBT channel Logo.

Separately, Daily Wire writer Ryan Saavedra quote-tweeted over Griffin with a screencap denoting the fact that NBC, a sister network of Griffin’s employer, “will have full coverage of” the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic games.

Below that, he added another screencap reading, “Universal Beijing Resort Brings New Innovative Experiences to China.”

And who owns Universal Studios? Comcast. And who else does Comcast own? NBC and MSNBC.

To read more, check out the full Daily Wire item here.

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