Editor’s Pick: Fox on Hemingway Blasting ‘Hardcore Activist’ Alcindor


On Monday,’s Brandon Gillespie cited The Federalist’s Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway appearing on FNC’s MediaBuzz Sunday morning and calling out ridiculous left-wing talking points coming from PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor: “…Hemingway referred to Alcindor as a ‘hardcore activist’ and ‘an embarrassment to the journalistic profession’ as she called out the differences in her coverage of Biden and former President Trump.”

As Gillespie noted, those comments came “after host Howard Kurtz played a video clip of Alcindor asking Biden about Democrats’ course of action following their Virginia gubernatorial election defeat.” The reporter noted: “In her questioning, Alcindor appeared to be advocating for Democrat counteractions to Republicans campaigning on issues related to education. She claimed Republicans were ‘successfully running on culture war issues’ and making ‘false claims about critical race theory…’”

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