Editor’s Pick: Fox on NBC Defending Biden Canceling Keystone


On Thursday, Fox News Associate Editor Kristine Parks reported: “NBC’s Chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander repeated White House talking points to his Republican guest during a MSNBC interview on Thursday. Alexander denied that the Keystone XL Pipeline would’ve had any impact on the United States’ dependence on foreign oil.”

The defense of the Biden administration came when “Alexander was speaking with former chief of staff for former Vice President Mike Pence, Marc Short,” Parks noted, and the reporter “started arguing with him [Short] over solutions to our dependence on foreign energy, amid the Ukraine-Russia war.” Alexander huffed: “But Marc, you know about the Keystone Pipeline it was only 8% completed when Joe Biden canceled it. So it’s not like that would’ve changed anything.”

Read the full article at Fox News.

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Written by Newsman

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