Editor’s Pick: Free Beacon on Princeton Taking Millions from Communist China


Over at The Washington Free Beacon, Chuck Ross wrote Wednesday how the Ivy League institution Princeton University has taken in a combined $5.6 million from a Chinese university and a think tank head with ties to the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the latest example of the CCP and American academia being joined at the hip.

Ross wrote that, “according to federal records,” Princeton fetched “$4.6 million from CCP-controlled Peking University to fund research hubs for drug development and computer science” while China-U.S. Exchange Foundation founder Tung Chee-hwa gave “at least $1 million to fund Princeton’s Center on Contemporary China.”

Not surprisingly, Princeton has been irked by the pushback as “[n]early 200 faculty members at Princeton University urged Attorney General Merrick Garland in October to shutter” an FBI program called “the China Initiative to root out China’s efforts to steal technology from American businesses and universities and to influence American policymakers.”

Commenting on Ross’s article, Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt said Wednesday on his eponymous show that while colleges push to indoctrinate students with far-left views and “shut down conservative speakers,” they “have seemingly no problems linking arms with and accepting money from the Chinese Communist Party.”

China expert Gordon Chang told Schmitt that, along with allowing foreign interference with donations and flooding universities with Chinese students, their close ties “means that…they are not countering Chinese diplomats and ministry of state security agents who have the free run of the place[.]”

To see more of Ross’s article, click here.

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