EPIC TROLL… President Trump Announces Presser to Discuss SCOTUS Case – But Lectures on Joe Biden’s Failed Mideast Policy for Several Minutes First (VIDEO)

EPIC TROLL… President Trump Announces Presser to Discuss SCOTUS Case – But Lectures on Joe Biden’s Failed Mideast Policy for Several Minutes First (VIDEO)

On Thursday at 10:00 AM Eastern the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in President Donald Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that restricts the Republican candidate from appearing on the state’s ballots based on their opinion of his role in the January 6, 2021 protests.

The far-left Colorado Supreme Court says, without evidence, that President Trump is not eligible to run again for president because he violated a provision in the 14th Amendment preventing those who “engaged in insurrection” from holding office. Trump has never been charged or convicted of insurrection. This media talking point was nothing more than fake news from the start.

President Trump held a presser this morning to discuss the case. But before he spoke on the Colorado’s unconstitutional play to remove him from the 2024 ballot, he lectured on Joe Biden’s failed foreign policy for several minutes!
Hah! The MSNBC crowd were obviously not pleased.

President Donald Trump: Iran was broke when I left. They had no money to give to Hamas. They had no money to give to Hezbollah, and now they -Now they have 200 billion plus. As you probably know, people don’t like to admit it. They certainly control Iraq. And Iraq has another 300 billion. So they have a very rich group of countries. And as you know, Iraq should have never happened. That was a balance against Iran, and we blew out the balance. And now Iran has essentially Iraq. And Iraq doesn’t like saying that, but that’s the way it is, and it’s a shame.

The world is in tremendous danger. We’re in danger of possibly a World War III. And we have a man who’s absolutely the worst president in the history of our country, can’t put two sentences together. He’s not going to be able to negotiate with Putin or Xi or Kim Jong Un, North Korea, not going to be able to negotiate with anybody. All he knows how to do is drop bombs all over the place, meaningless bombs, except they kill a lot of people, cost a lot of money. Every time you see a bomb, it’s another million dollars, and it actually sets us back. We had peace through strength. This should not be happening. The Middle east is blowing up. It’s blowing up and a lot of people are being killed. And it’s so unnecessary.

So I just say that in watching the Supreme Court today, I thought it was a very beautiful process. I hope that democracy in this country will continue, because right now we have a very, very tough situation with all of the radical left ideas, with the weaponization of politics. They weaponize it like it’s never been weaponized before. It’s totally illegal, but they do it anyway, and it has to stop.

Truly, the best president EVER!

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