Ernst: Biden Has Put U.S. in ‘Tenuous Position with Energy Independence’

ernst:-biden-has-put-us.-in-‘tenuous position-with-energy independence’

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that President Joe Biden had put America in a “tenuous position with energy independence.”

Host Shannon Bream said, “This bipartisan bill that’s gaining support on the Senate side banning Russian imports, energy imports into the U.S. The White House has expressed some concern about that, has pushed back. They are worried about soaring gas prices among the bad news that we’re getting about inflation.”

Ernst said, “What we have seen in this administration is the shutdown of American energy independence. Last year alone, we were importing Russian oil, 672,000 barrels a day. We have become much more reliant upon Russia and President Putin instead of providing jobs and energy security right here on the homeland. So I recognize that we are in a difficult position, but his choices, the administration’s choices when he first came into office, put us in this tenuous position with energy independence in the United States. Instead of being an exporter of energy, we became a consumer of Russian oil. This needs to stop. I would much rather ramp up American energy production here in the United States and provide dollars to Russia and to President Putin to fund the war machine that is killing innocent civilians in Ukraine.”

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