Even CNN Isn’t Buying It: Kamala Claims She Doesn’t Think About Whether Biden Will Run in ’24


Just as the books were about to close on 2021’s Political Lie o’ The Year, a new entry forges into the lead!

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Friday morning, The Wall Street Journal’s Tarini Parti discussed her interview with Kamala Harris. When Parti asked Harris if she assumed Biden would run in 2024, Harris answered:

“I’ll be very honest: I don’t think about it.”

It’s often said that when someone prefaces a statement with, “I’ll be frank,” or “I’ll be honest,” it’s a pretty good bet that they’re about to unleash a whopper. So when someone goes the extra step of adding that they’ll be “very honest,” and when the person in question is perhaps America’s most brazenly ambitious politician, the odds that they are telling the truth diminish to the vanishing point.

Emitting such a transparently false claim, one that had even liberal media members smirking, is yet further proof that beyond being incompetent at the substance of her job, Kamala Harris is a poor politician. As co-host John Berman’s body language and facial expression made clear [see screencap], there was a mood of jocular skepticism on the set regarding Harris’s absurd assertion.  Tarini Parti John Berman Kaitlan Collins CNN New Day 12-17-21

Pity the poor Democrats: when it comes to their 2024 presidential candidate, they’re caught between the Scylla of the doddering Biden, and the Charybdis of cackling Kamala. 

Then again, waiting eagerly in the wings is someone…with pantsuit pressed and ready!

CNN’s New Day discussing Kamala Harris’s obviously false claim that she doesn’t think about whether Biden will run in 2024 was sponsored in part by Whole Foods, SoFi, Carvana, and FlexSeal

Here’s the transcript.


New Day


6:23 am ET

JOHN BERMAN: Vice-president Kamala Harris gave a wide-ranging intervieW to the Wall Street Journal. Among the topics discussed, the 2024 election. When asked if she thought Biden would run again, Harris responded, “I’ll be very honest, I don’t think about it, nor have we talked about it.”

Joining us now, the reporter who did that interview, Wall Street Journal White House reporter Tarini Parti. That was interesting! There was so much about that exchange that’s interesting, right? It’s the nonanswer but the answer. I’m not going to directly say I think he’s running. But then I’m also going to say we haven’t talked about it. A lot to digest there.

TARINIA PARTI: A lot to digest. And what’s really interesting here is that I actually asked her twice. I asked her first if she had talked to the president, if the president had told her that he intends to run. And she said, you know, I want to be very clear about this. We’ve never talked about it. I haven’t thought about it. We’re focused on important issues like the pandemic, the economy. 

And then I asked her again, but you’re assuming the president is running? And she again repeated that answer. So, definitely very interesting here. And we’ve heard from her supporters over this past year that she’s sort of walking this fine line where she doesn’t want to seem too politically ambitious. Because obviously she’s run for president in the past against the current president, and she doesn’t want to overshadow him. So, she’s trying to talk about this in a careful way. But it ended up just opening more questions with that response that she gave.

. . . 

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: I can only say what Jen has said, and what the president has said himself, that he is planning to run for re-election in 2024. I don’t have any more to add to that. .

. . . 

KAITLAN COLLINS: So the White House seems to be framing this as a pretty simple yes or no answer.

PARTI: And it should be a yes or no answer. I did this interview on Wednesday. Jen Psaki, as early as Monday when there were some reports and some speculation about other Democrats potentially considering running in case Biden decides not to run, she again had shut that down and said he intends to run . . . I think what the vice-president was perhaps trying to do was just to, again, you know, try to keep the focus on the issues and say that’s what they talk about. And they don’t really talk about politics. But of course it is very notable if they have in fact, not ever talked about 2024.

BERMAN: Even entering your interview, I’m sure you asked that question and were expecting the easiest answer, which is yeah, yeah, you know. Then she says what she says and you’re like, oh, really?

PARTI: That’s exactly right. And that’s why I followed up and asked her again just to be sure. And I was surprised she gave that same response.

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