“Every Time I See Biden, I See Mom ” – Author and Political Strategist Jeff Lord on Joe Biden’s Dementia (VIDEO)


Joe Biden is out to lunch.  He is like any struggling senior who many of us have seen or been with.

Author and political strategist Jeff Lord was on with Eat the Press this weekend with Steve Malzberg and he shared his thoughts on Biden’s mental capabilities right now.

Not only does Biden have low poll numbers due to his policies that have raised inflation and gas prices astronomically but they also reflect his personal traits.

I have to tell you on a personal note, I took care of my mother until she passed away at 99.  She had dementia. And it began, it’s not like a quick drop off of a cliff in mental abilities.  It’s a gentle decline.  Every time I see Joe Biden, I see mom.”

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That’s exactly what happened to her.  He gets confused about where he is on occasion.  He can’t remember last names.  He misspeaks constantly.  It’s sad.”

The entire world sees Joe Biden struggling and confused. But the media dare not report on his failed mental state.

What a strange time to be alive.

See more in the interview below:

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