EXCLUSIVE: AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Asked About Decertification Of The 2020 Election In New Session: “I Will Be Pushing For This As Soon As Possible” (VIDEO)


AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers welcomed the Eastern Arizona State Marching Band to perform on Opening Day.

The Arizona 2022 Legislative session kicked off today, and conservative state legislators are ready for serious election reform and decertification of the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election. 

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that grassroots Patriots, midterm candidates, and State Legislators rallied this morning for election integrity, medical freedom, and other critical issues attacking Arizona.

Arizona 2022 Legislative Session Begins Today: State GOP Legislators Will Hold Rally to “Stop the Radical Left”

President Trump is also set to hold a rally on January 15th in Florence, Arizona. This is a big week for Arizona.

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The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Trump-endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers about her plans to secure elections this session and her calls to decertify the fraudulent 2020 Election in Arizona.

Senator Rogers also told us that President Trump has an announcement to make at his rally in Florence.

Conradson: President Trump is coming to Arizona this week for a rally. What do you think’s on his mind?

Rogers: I’m really excited. I’ll get to be one of the warm-up speakers for President Trump in Florence, Arizona, because he endorsed me, and wow, what an honor. He says he has an announcement to make. I’m just excited that he’s here. He’s chosen Arizona to start his 2022 tour. We have a lot of supporters. It’s going to be a country thunder near Florence. We’re just really excited.

Conradson: Today is opening of the 2022 legislative session. Are you going to be calling for decertification?

Rogers: We will eventually, Yes. I will be pushing for this as soon as possible. As you know, I as an individual Senator called for decertification many months ago. And so, it’s absolutely important that we get to the bottom of the truth of 2020. We cannot move forward for 2022 without getting to the truth of 2020.

Conradson: What about Attorney General Brnovich? It seems he’s still slow-walking this investigation. Do you have anything to say to him?

Rogers: I think with the opening day here, more and more pressure will be invariably asserted on him. I have authored a number of bills. I just dropped another 20 or so today. I’ve already dropped 30. All of this is to say that we are going to shore up the mechanisms to ensure that we have a free and fair 2022 election.

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Conradson: Can you tell us about the election integrity bills that you’re working on?

Rogers: I’m working on bills that will ensure that we have voter ID. I’m asking that we go to paper only. I’m asking that we go to one election day, that we do away with the machines, that we count at the precinct level. So many things need to be done that are absolutely called for by my constituents in northern Arizona, as well as the rest of the state

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers was one of the first demand decertification of the fraudulent election. She has continued to echo these calls and to push for criminal action from the Arizona Attorney General’s office.

Rogers started a nationwide petition to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election last August after damning evidence of voter fraud was presented during a Senate hearing in July.

Sign the nationwide petition to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election.

RSVP to President Trump’s upcoming rally in Florence, Arizona.

Contact Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and demand action this legislative session.

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