EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Matt Gaetz At AmericaFest – “Speaker Trump’s Got a Pretty Good Ring To It” (VIDEO)


Turning Point USA held their first AmericaFest convention this weekend and it was the biggest event in the movement’s history.

Thousands of patriots and young student activists turned out to see incredible speakers and country music performances.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson interviewed U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz after he spoke on Sunday.

Conradson: It’s incredible energy out here at AmericaFest. What does that tell you about the young conservative movement and the Biden administration?

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Gaetz: We are the Ascended force. The future in America doesn’t belong to the Biden’s. And frankly, it doesn’t belong to the left. But I’m here to make sure that Republicans are actually worthy of the majority that I suspect we will win. And I don’t want to go back to the Paul Ryan days where like, we would just pass bills and have the Democrat president veto them and claim that as some sort of moral victory. I’m here to try to encourage every committee in Congress to become an oversight committee, to get to the core of the corruption in the Biden regime, and I think that will rebuild the trust the Republicans need with our voters so that we can actually deliver for them.

Conradson: We will take back the house in 2022. Do you support President Trump for speaker of the house in 2022?

Gaetz: I was the first member of Congress to pledge that I will nominate Donald J Trump for Speaker of the House and people like to laugh but you know what? They laughed at the idea of him becoming president too. And that happened. So speaker Trump’s got a pretty good ring to it to me.

Conradson: So have you spoken to President Trump, possibly Speaker Trump about his plans for 2022?

Gaetz: I have. What I can tell you is that President Trump is dialed into races at a granular level. He’s following the fundraising, the polling and the messaging. He is as tuned in as I’ve ever seen him and I think that’s a good thing for the politics of the right that’s right. Thank

Nancy Pelosi is going to break her gavel.

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