EXCLUSIVE: MO Senate Begins Day 4 of Filibuster Against Proposed “Pelosi Map” – Senator Onder – “[Dems] Are Playing Hardball, We’re Playing Patty-cake”


Missouri Senator Dr. Bob Onder updated The Gateway Pundit on the current status of the Congressional redistricting efforts in the state of Missouri.  The Democrats and RINO’s in the state want a Congressional map that benefits Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  However, conservative Senators like Dr. Onder believe Missouri can do much better. 

We discussed the situation in Missouri with Senator and Dr. Onder previously.  President Trump won Missouri by 20 points.  The state has changed since a decade ago.  It now has supermajorities in the House and Senate and should have 8 out of 8 statewide seats after the next election.  Despite all this, Democrats and RINOs in the Missouri legislature want to give Pelosi two or maybe three seats in the redistricting effort in the state.

UPDATE on Disgraceful Missouri Redistricting Map: Sen. Bob Onder Drops the Bomb on RINO Attempt to Steal Seats for Democrats (VIDEO)

State leaders are pushing this “Pelosi Map” even though it gives Pelosi up to three seats in the state out of eight.

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Dr. Onder and other conservatives are fighting against the RINOs in the state and the Democrats because they believe Missouri can do better and draft up a map that is more representative of the voters in the state.   This group began a filibuster a couple of days ago and they are now on day 4 of their effort to update the proposed “Pelosi Map”.

Dr. Onder says:

While they’re [Democrats] are playing hardball, we’re playing patty-cake.”

You can help the conservative senators by calling your state senator listed at  Also call Senator Caleb Rowden, the majority floor leader, and Pro Tem Dave Schautz.

Here are some comments from Senator and Dr. Onder this morning.

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