Exclusive–Rep. Steube on Biden: Special Counsel on China Dealings, Impeachment for Open Border


Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) pulled no punches when it came to saying what Republicans will do to hold President Joe Biden accountable for his actions, including dealings with China that garnered his family millions of dollars and open southern border policies that have allowed illegal aliens and drugs to flow into the United States.

SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily’s host Jerome Hudson asked Steube, who sits on the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, if he agreed with Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) call for a special counsel to investigate Biden and his ties to China.

“Yes, I absolutely do,” Steube said. “But I would take it a step further. I think when we take the House back, there needs to be investigation in the House committees because we [then] have subpoena authority to do that.”

“And not just on this issue, but on the complete utter ignorance and intentional, willful violation of our federal laws as it relates to the southern border,” Steube said. “We are allowing an invasion in our southern border in direct violation of federal law … that our Congress put in place.”

“So I think there’s a host of investigations that we can do on the House side … to bring all this forward, making it clear to the American people what has been happening, make it clear to the American people what federal law requires,” Steube said.

“You have a president who is willfully and intentionally violating federal law,” Steube said. “And if there is an ability to then file impeachment articles because of the willful and intentional violation of federal law, then all of that should be on the table.”

Steube said that taxpayer money is being used to transport illegal aliens around the country and, “interestingly,” to swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania.

“That’s where they’re being shipped and they’re refusing to answer questions, like from members of Congress who sit on the Judiciary Committee that have oversight authority on DHS,” Steube said, adding that DHS has not provided all the required reports on illegal immigration to Congress.

Steube said investigations on what is really happening with the 1.7 million illegal aliens who have been admitted to the U.S. during Biden’s tenure.

“Why are they transporting them in violation of federal law? Who made these decisions?” Steube said. “And then once we have the evidence that clearly they’ve been violating federal law intentionally, then move forward where the evidence shows us and I can guarantee you that moves us to an impeachment proceeding.”

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