EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Election Commission Charged Republicans Up to $12,500 for Each Voter Data Request in the 2020 Election But Gave Similar Data to Democrat Democrat Groups for Free


A May 2019 memo from the Wisconsin Elections Commission was unearthed showing  how the state charges entities for information within the ERIC voter roll maintenance system.  These fees however were not consistently assessed during the 2020 Election cycle. 

A document unearthed from 2019 in Wisconsin shows that the state had an agreement with the ERIC voter roll maintenance system and used this system to manage the state’s voter roll.

We reported on the ERIC system recently at The Gateway Pundit.

Since our first report, Louisiana has voted to stop using ERIC, Arizona has calls to end that state’s relationship with ERIC, and Florida patriots have raised concerns there as well.

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The 2019 document that we unearthed in Wisconsin related to ERIC is embedded below.  There are two points in the memo that we highlighted.

The first point is what is expected of the data housed in ERIC.

Under 2015 Act 261, the Elections Commission is required to enter into a membership agreement with ERIC. The agreement must: (a) safeguard the confidentiality of information or data in the registration list; (b) prohibit the sale or distribution of the information or data in the registration list to a third-party vendor and prohibit any other action not associated with administration of or compliance with the agreement; and (c) allow the state to make contact with electors by electronic mail, whenever possible.

The second point is the costs charged for sharing data from ERIC.

The Commission currently sells voter registration data to various individuals and organizations and, under state statute, is required to use fee revenue to “cover both the cost of reproduction and the cost of maintaining the list.” The Commission currently charges a $25 base fee plus $5 for up to 1,000 records, $5 for each additional 1,000 records, and a maximum of $12,500 for the sale of voter registration data.

These are noted in the document below.

WI 280 – Elections Commission_Electronic Registration Information Center by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Related to this are the stories we shared in 2021 about Wisconsin election officials providing up-to-the-minute access to groups outside of the government allowing them to obtain all sorts of information from Wisconsin’s voting systems.  We are unaware that any of this came at a cost and it went to left-leaning entities.

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This means that Wisconsin election officials provided access to all voter records during the 2020 Election to outside liberal-leaning entities for free but apparently, they charged Republicans up to $12,500 for each dataset requested during the election.

This appears to be against the law and is simply outrageous. Wisconsin never should have certified their results in the 2020 Election.

As President Trump said – The system was rigged.

What do you think?

Written by Newsman

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