Far-Left Supervisor of Elections in Broward County asks GOP Candidate if He’s with ‘Proud Boys’ (VIDEO)


A new video obtained by the Floridian Press reveals election bias in Broward County, Florida.

Far-left Broward County Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott was caught on video ‘taking sides’ in Florida’s 20th congressional district when he asked GOP candidate Jason Mariner if he was a member of the ‘Proud Boys.’

Mr. Scott also asked Mariner if he had “thrown up” a so-called ‘racist’ okay hand sign.

“Are you guys anyway affiliated with Proud Boys at all? So there was no hand sign? Were you guys throwing up the ‘All Ok sign,” asked Scott. “Were you guys saying, “everything is OK?”

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Scott then added, “I’m not trying to insult you.”

”That is an insulting question,” Mariner replied.

VIDEO via The Floridian Press:

Read the full report here.

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