Fauci Says He’s ‘Stunned’ and ‘Dismayed’ That Trump Got Booed Over Booster Shot


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Dr. Anthony Fauci says he was “stunned” and “dismayed” that Donald Trump got booed when he revealed he received a booster shot of the COVID vaccine.

Appearing on ABC This Week, the doctor (who can’t seem to get enough of appearing on television) discussed the reaction Trump received.

NEW: During their show in Dallas, President Trump reveals to @BillOReilly he got the vaccine booster shot.

— No Spin News (@NoSpinNews) December 20, 2021

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“I was stunned by that,” Fauci said. “I mean, given the fact of how popular he is with that group, that they would boo him, which tells me how recalcitrant they are about being told what they should do.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci reveals he was “stunned” when former Pres. Trump’s supporters booed him for getting booster shot, telling @jonkarl it showed “how recalcitrant they are about being told what they should do.”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) December 26, 2021

Fauci also discussed omicron, saying that “every day it goes up and up. The last weekly average was about 150,000 and it likely will go much higher.”

While he acknowledged that the variant seems less severe, he said “we don’t want to get complacent.”

“If you have many, many, many more people with a less level of severity, that might kind of neutralize the positive effect of having less severity when you have so many more people,” he said. “And we’re particularly worried about those who are in that unvaccinated class … those are the most vulnerable ones when you have a virus that is extraordinarily effective in getting to people.”

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