FINALLY: Univision Reports McAuliffe’s ‘Grave Campaign’ Error With Parents and CRT Controversy


It took a voter uprising for the national liberal Latino press to finally report about the “most grave mistake” made by Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, which the same media HID from their viewers prior to his crushing loss: telling parents that they had no role in the education of their children.

Univision underestimated just how informed their public is, and overestimated their capacity to influence it. The Latino vote, as Univision correspondent Edwin Pitti acknowledges in a report for Despierta América, “was key this time in giving the victory to the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.”


October 3, 2021

EDWIN PITTI: Good morning Satcha. As we mentioned yesterday here in Despierta América, the Latino vote was key this time in giving the victory to the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin, who becomes the first Republican, as you mentioned, to win the governorship in the last 12 years here in the state of Virginia. However, the Democrats at this time are not conceding and many wonder what mistake they made. Remember that Terry McAuliffe made a most grave mistake in recent weeks, regarding an issue of great importance to the Latino community. He said that parents should not be included in the development of the Virginia state curriculum- something that Youngkin broadly criticized as we recall that he focused his campaign largely on the issue of education and in promising better salaries for teachers across the state.

According to Pitti, the Democrats were left wondering “what mistake they made” to warrant such a crushing defeat. Easy. Go tell a Latina mom that she has no say in her child’s education, and proceed to run for your life. 55% of the Latino vote went to Youngkin, regardless of the Hispanic media’s total blackout of the Loudoun County (Virginia) School Board’s cover-up of two alleged sexual assaults on school grounds by the same student.

As MRC Latino noted in an October 14th blog, the network’s silence on the cover-up, and also on the arrest of the student who sexually assaulted two minors, stands in stark contrast to the network’s coverage of the “controversial” arrest of two parents during a Loudoun County School Board meeting this past summer.

We look forward to more frank discussion from the Spanish media of the real issues affecting the communities they serve, as opposed to catering to special interests, as was their hope with a McAuliffe win in Virginia.

Join the MRC in their fight back against bias in the media here.

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POR FIN: Univisión reporta grave error de campaña de McAuliffe con padres y controversia de educación