Following ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Fiasco, Biden Kicks Out Press after 5 Minutes in Message to Troops from White House ‘Sound Stage’


Biden’s speech to the troops ends for the press after 5 minutes from the White House ‘sound stage’.  Can’t have another ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ episode.

Joe Biden is failing and the White House knows it.

White House staff cut short press coverage of Biden’s video call with the troops overseas, after the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ fiasco.

Press was asked to leave after five minutes, before the back and forth exchange with the troops began.

It’s typically a half-hour public event

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) December 25, 2021

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Of course, the entire event was filmed from Biden’s White House ‘sound stage’.

Plus in the White House sound stage

— Mantis Toboggan M.D. (@MantisT0boggan) December 25, 2021

What a mess and failure the Biden Administration has expectedly turned out to be.

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