Gas Costing Buyers $5 on Average for First Time in San Diego


A gallon of gas is now costing buyers $5 on average in San Diego as the national average recently climbed to $3.72.

Fox 5 reported on Friday:

California also reached that dubious milestone Friday, according to data compiled by AAA, which showed a more than 13-cent increase in a single day pushed the statewide average to about $5.07. It was even pricier in San Diego, which moved to about $5.10 on average after its own increase of around 13 cents.

State and county averages have climbed, approaching $5 while “setting and then surpassing new records for the most expensive average gallon over the past month,” the outlet said.

Gas prices have increased and may continue as the national average reached $3.72, Breitbart News reported Thursday.

In addition, San Francisco is now the first major American city to see the average cost of gas hit $5 a gallon, according to

California cities typically feel extra pressure at the pump during price increases, as the state taxes gasoline at 51.1 cents per gallon, the highest of any state gas tax in the country. Other factors like the carbon management program and high cost of doing business send prices in the Bay Area particularly high.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s “war on fossil fuels” has driven growing oil prices, forcing Americans to pay the highest costs for gas in approximately nine years, Breitbart News reported in February.

“The left-wing media is trying to blame inflation and rising gasoline prices on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward neighboring Ukraine and cited the recent spike in Brent crude oil at $99.50,” the article read.

In a social media post on Friday, oil and refined products analyst Patrick De Haan said the national average had reached “$3.781/gal, up an amazing 20c/gal from a week ago”:

The national average now stands at $3.781/gal, up an amazing 20c/gal from a week ago.

— Patrick De Haan ⛽️📊 (@GasBuddyGuy) March 4, 2022

Biden previously highlighted efforts to cut gas prices for consumers but told citizens they might save more money by buying an electric vehicle.

“The president notably suspended all federal leases on oil and gas and shut down the Keystone XL pipeline after taking office, which hurt the amount of domestic oil production,” Breitbart News reported in November.

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