Germany: Double Vaccinated No Longer Allowed into Restaurants Without Taking Tests – Only Triple Vaxxed Allowed Inside


Germany will no longer allow the double vaccinated into restaurants starting next week. Only the triple vaccinated will be allowed inside.

In the German city of Hamburg, the double vaccinated will no longer be allowed to eat in restaurants without also taking tests.

Only the triple vaccinated will be allowed without having to take tests.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 4, 2022

EuroWeekly reported:

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New restrictions have been announced today (January 4) which will affect double vaccinated and those who have recovered from Covid, who will now need to provide a daily negative test in order to enter many establishments in Hamburg, Germany.

Only those who have received their booster shot will be able to attend restaurants, cultural and sporting events indoors in the city without testing, meaning that double vaccinated are no longer considered fully vaccinated.

The 2G+ rule now requires those who have been double vaccinated to show their Covid passport AND provide a negative test result before entering a number of restaurants, cultural and indoor sporting events. Unvaccinated people no longer have access to such activities, according to Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer.

The new restrictions will come into place on Monday, January 10 while the 2G rule will continue to apply in the retail sector.

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