GRAPHIC: 22 Injured in Mexican Riot Over Soccer Team


Nearly two dozen spectators were injured in a large-scale riot at a professional soccer game in Central Mexico. Hundreds of people took to the field and rushed the stands to attack supporters of the opposing team.

The riot took place Saturday afternoon in the Corregidora stadium in Queretaro, where Atlas Football Club was playing a professional soccer match against Queretaro Football Club.

Multiple videos shared on social media captured dozens of fans attacking spectators from the opposing team.

Evidencia#Mexico #futbol #LigaMX #QueretaroAtlas #Corregidora #Queretaro

— Gael Olvera (@GaeloOlvera) March 6, 2022

Violent fans and innocent spectators can be seen on video rushing the field — some escape the violence while others rushed to attack other fans.

This is crazy between atlas and queretaro

— AJP (@pricey43) March 6, 2022

Numerous videos and photographs showed violent beatings as fans crowded around unconscious individuals. Many continue beating them and at times, robbing them. Some also undressed the unconscious spectators.

Evidencia#Mexico #LigaMX #QueretaroAtlas #Corregidora #Queretaro

— Gael Olvera (@GaeloOlvera) March 6, 2022

The severity of the beatings led many throughout Mexico to speculate about dozens of fatalities. Government officials claim that the fighting 0nly caused more than 22 injuries and no fatalities.

Asesinatos en un estadio de fútbol#VerguenzaNacional #Queretaro#ASESINOS #17muertos

— Gael Olvera (@GaeloOlvera) March 6, 2022

Derivado de los hechos registrados la tarde de este sábado en el estadio Corregidora, la CEPC informa que hasta el momento no se tiene reporte de personas fallecidas, 22 personas lesionadas, 9 de ellos trasladados al Hospital General y de estos, dos de ellos de gravedad.

— Coordinación de Protección Civil del Estado de Qro (@PCIVILQRO) March 6, 2022

The violence pushed officials to cancel the game and left the window open to severe sanctions and possiblyremoving Queretaro FC from the soccer league since their fans are believed to be the instigators of the riot.

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