Happy Anniversary to the Million Americans Who Came to Washington DC to Protest the Crime of the Century One Year Ago Today


Happy Anniversary of the day we protested the Crime of the Century.

One year ago today a million patriotic Americans traveled to Washington DC to protest the greatest crime in American history — The stolen 2020 election.

Don’t listen to what the media trolls tell you. The people who showed up to DC one year ago were there to support the rightful President in peaceful protest.

remember that today as you watch the lies of the fake news.

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** Where are the moments of silence for Rosanne Boyland or Ashli Babbitt or the other two Trump supporters who were killed or died that day?

** Where is the outrage over the 40 men locked up and tortured in Washington DC for a year now with no set court dates?

** Where are the representatives for the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump? Where are they today?

This video was posted by The Storm has Arrived today to remind America of the million men and women who came out to support democracy last year. To support their president.

What do you think?

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