HORROR: California Grandfather Fatally Shot in the Face after Apologizing For Fender Bender in Walmart Parking Lot

HORROR: California Grandfather Fatally Shot in the Face after Apologizing For Fender Bender in Walmart Parking Lot

A beloved grandfather was fatally shot after a fender bender in Southern California earlier this month.

59-year-old Jonathan Mauk accidentally collided with a woman backing her vehicle out of a spot in a Walmart parking lot on February 5.

Mauk got out of his vehicle to apologize to the woman after the light collision resulted in minor scratches on the fender.

The female suspect, identified as Shawntece Norton, 36, got out of her vehicle, shot Jonathan Mauk in the face and drove off.

Officers pronounced Mauk dead at the scene.

Mauk’s family described him as a “generous man” who would help anyone in need. Members of the community described Mauk as ‘everyone’s grandpa.’

Norton was arrested and charged with murder.

A GoFundMe page was set up by the victim’s son Matthew Mauk to raise money for funeral expenses.

Excerpt from KTLA:

Loved ones are devastated after a grandfather was shot to death after a fender bender in San Bernardino County.

The incident happened on Feb. 5, as the victim, Jonathan Mauk, 59, drove to a Walmart in Highland on an errand run.

At around 8 p.m., Jonathan arrived at the parking lot and was searching for an open spot. As he drove down an aisle, the female suspect was backing out of a parking spot.

When officers arrived at the scene, John was found with a gunshot to his head and was pronounced dead.

Loved ones are struggling to process the news of John’s death as they remember a man who loved his family. John worked at Carey’s Fine Automobiles in San Bernardino where his coworkers were stunned to hear of his death.

“I cried when I found out he got killed,” said Lee Hall, the victim’s friend and coworker. “That’s what he loved — cars. He probably would have fixed the lady’s car for nothing, but she ended up shooting him.”

Jonathan’s son, Matthew Mauk, is struggling to understand how his father could be murdered over a minor incident.

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