“I Commend them For Their Actions”: Ottawa Police Chief Claims Officers Used “Lawful and Safe Tactics” Yesterday When They Beat Protesters With Clubs, Fired Pepper Spray, and Trampled an Elderly Woman With a Horse – (VIDEO)


For almost a full two days, the Ottawa police and the RCMP have been terrorizing the Truckers for freedom convoy participants as they forcibly clear the protestors from the streets of Canada’s capital city.

Trudeau’s Stasi henchmen have been violently attacking the overwhelmingly peaceful protesters since Friday morning. They have mercilessly beat their fellow citizens with clubs, doused them with tear gas and pepper spray, smashed windows to drag people from their cars, and even sent in the horses to trample people.

Officers didn’t even blink when their horses pummeled an elderly woman and her walker into the ground.

RCMP ESCALATION: Mounted Police on Horseback Trample Handicapped Woman with Walker in the Street (VIDEO)

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On Saturday, Ottawa’s interim Chief of Police Steve Bell praised his officers for their jackbooted thuggery while addressing the media about the current law enforcement “operation.”

Bell justified his officers’ use of force, which he absurdly called “lawful and safe,” by claiming that the protesters were the ones who were being violent, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

“At every step in this operation, we’ve been upfront and clear with the unlawful protesters that they must leave the area. We’ve advised them of our enforcement’s efforts so they can continue to make informed decisions. We’ve backed up those warnings with adeliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. The officers on the ground have shown patience and professionalism. They are well trained and experienced and they needed all of that expertise to bring about the results that we are seeing. 

We all saw that the protesters were aggressive with the officers and we needed to use horses at one point. As a result, we responded this morning by adding helmets and batons to our equipment for the safety of our officers.

Our officers continued to face resistance. At one point, a flare was ignited by a protester. Officers used a chemical irritant – also known as ‘pepper spray’ – to disperse unlawful demonstrators who were resisting police orders.”

‘Chemical irritant’ – What a joke.


Ottawa interim Police Chief says his cops used “lawful and safe tactics” despite use of riot control guns and assaults on peaceful protesters:

“the officers on the ground have shown patience and professionalism.”

— Rebel News Canada (@RebelNews_CA) February 19, 2022

Is he serious?  The police also reported that somebody threw a “bicycle.” Thankfully though, as the OPD needed to clarify, the horse was ok.


This is not a thrown bicycle – it’s a little old lady on a hover-round who was still on it when she was knocked down … here’s the pic.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) February 19, 2022

Here is a video of the dastardly “bicycle” ‘attack:’

Lol…this is the bike that was “thrown” at the horses per the Ottawa fascist police. I’m reality, it’s a dude just readjusting his bike nowhere near the horses.

— Bonchie (@bonchieredstate) February 19, 2022

As you can clearly see, the horses were already trampling over people by the time they had even reached the man with the bicycle – Yet another shameless lie pushed by the bootlicking media and the OPD.

During Saturday’s press briefing, Bell also announced an additional 47 arrests, bringing the total number of captives over the past two days to 170. The protest has been cleared out of some areas and officers are currently working to clear the streets of all vehicles that have been left behind.

Bell claims that the officers “are doing what they have been trained to do” as they viciously crackdown on their fellow citizens over their lawful exercising of rights. He says that he is “proud” of their work and that he “commend[s]” them for their actions since yesterday morning when this brutal show of force began.

“So far, today, we have arrested 47 people. That brings the total, so far, to 170. As we continue to take back our streets, City of Ottawa crews and other municipal vehicles came into the area to clean up and tow away demonstrators’ possessions and vehicles. This is tough work. These officers are doing what they have been trained to do. They have demonstrated unparalleled discipline, restraint, and the utmost professionalism.

I commend them for their actions yesterday and throughout the day today. I’m proud of them and all the members of our police service that have contributed to this operation.”


Steve Bell, Ottawa’s interim police chief states there has been 170 convoy protesters arrested in total. Praises his officers despite reports of violence:

“I commend them for their actions yesterday.”

— Rebel News Canada (@RebelNews_CA) February 19, 2022

This tyranny should be condemned across the board, not praised. It’s a sad, sad day for Canada when the police, who swore an oath to the people, would do this to their fellow citizens.

What do you think?

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