“I Find It Very Odd to Tell You the Truth.  This Idea of Identifying as Something” – Miami Dolphin’s New Head Coach, Mike McDaniel

“i-find-it-very-odd-to-tell-you-the-truth. -this-idea-of-identifying-as-something”-–-miami-dolphin’s-new-head-coach,-mike-mcdaniel

The NFL has a race problem.  

Steve Malzberg at RT America looked into the NFL’s race problem.  He notes that former Miami Dolphins head Coach Brian Flores recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL and its teams claiming the league discriminated against Black coaches in their hiring practices.  But according to those counting, he didn’t have enough black representatives on his legal team.

Meanwhile, Dolphins’ new head coach Mike McDaniel identifies himself as “biracial” in his introductory press conference.  According to others keeping track, he’s not black enough.  When does it stop and who makes the official assessments?

In his presser announcing his hiring, McDaniel said this about his race:

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I find it very odd to tell you the truth.  This idea of identifying as something.  I think people identify me as something but I identify as a human being.  ah ah And my dad’s black.  So whatever you want to call it…

Malzberg shows the challenges of being a coach in the NFL today with standards that are based on color rather than performance.

What do you think?

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