In FOIA Response, ODNI Refuses to Respond to Whether Deep State Spied on Journalists, District Judges, or Presidential Candidates


The ODNI responded to a request from attorney Ty Clevenger regarding Deep State’s spying on Americans, including Presidential candidates.  Their response was shocking.

Attorney Ty Clevenger received a response to his FOIA request yesterday regarding the Deep State spying on Americans, including Presidential candidates.   The response was shocking – see the highlighted section below.

The shocking bit of information is related to what was requested in items 6, 11, and 13.

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(6) All documents, records, communications, and/or other tangible evidence revealing or describing surveillance of any and all journalists, journalism/media companies, and/or executives at journalism/media companies in the United States by any and all government employees, agents, affiliates (e.g., “Five Eyes” agencies), contractors, or other private parties. As used in this letter, “surveillance” includes, but is not limited to, efforts to wiretap or hack into the electronic devices or accounts of the targeted person or persons.

This request further includes, but is not limited to, documents, records, or communications identifying (1) the government affiliates, agents, employees, contractors, or private parties involved in such activities, and (2) the targets of any such activities. For each such instance of surveillance, I wish to view all documents, records, communications, and/or other tangible identifying or revealing (1) the government contractor(s), employee(s), or representative(s) who authorized, conducted, and/or assisted the surveillance; and (2) the factual and/or legal rationale, if any, for conducting the surveillance. This request covers the period from July 22, 2020 until the present. [I limited the request to 7/22/20 because I submitted an identical request previously].

(11) All documents, records, communications and/or other tangible evidence reflecting surveillance (as that term is described above) of any federal magistrate, bankruptcy judge, district judge, circuit judge, or Supreme Court Justice. This request covers the period from January 20, 2009 until the present.

(13)  All documents, records, communications and/or other tangible evidence reflecting surveillance (as that term is described above) of any candidate for President of the United States, whether in the primary or general election. This request covers the period from January 1, 2012 until the present.

Here’s the full response.

DF-2021-00295 Clevenger Final Response by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Why would the ODNI not want to respond to whether they spied on any journalists, judges, or presidential candidates?

What do you think?

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